DHIP 2019

17 Dec 2019 - 20 Dec 2019, Gwangju, Korea



The 9th Korea-Japan Workshop on
Digital Holography and Information Photonics

17 Dec 2019 - 20 Dec 2019, Gwangju

Registration(on-site only)

  • Non-student : KRW 300,000
  • Student : KRW 150,000

* Payment methods : Only Credit card

Date Session Time Speaker Plenary Title
Dec. 20 #1 09:00 ~ 09:50 Prof. Nam Kim Plenary Research and development of holographic optical element for three-dimensional display and microscopy
09:50 ~ 10:15 Prof. Yusuke Ogura Three dimensional structure of subdiffraction limit optical patterns
10:15 ~ 10:40 Dr. Hoonjong Kang Research activities in KETI
#2 11:00 ~ 11:25 Prof. Yasuhiro Mizutani Ghost imaging for single photon counting
11:25 ~ 11:50 Prof. Hwi Kim Fast calculation of wide viewing angle depth-map computer-generated hologram
11:50 ~ 12:15 Dr. Yoshinori Akao Compound-eye imaging for forensics
#3 13:30 ~ 13:55 Prof. Joonku Hahn 3D display making light field inside volume
13:55 ~ 14:20 Prof. Naoya Tate Nanoscale character extraction for nano-optical metric system
14:20 ~ 14:45 Prof. Seung-Yeol Lee Reflective-type reconfigurable digital hologram panel using Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change material
#4 15:05 ~ 15:30 Dr. Hidenobu Arimoto Unstained tumor detection in digestive organs based on auto fluorescence spectroscopy
15:30 ~ 15:55 Taegeun Kim Recent progress on 3D target tracking using optical scanning holography
15:55 ~ 16:20 Samuel Choi Multi-frequency swept en-face optical coherence microscopy with supercontinuum comb for in-vivo measurement of inner ear
Poster 16:40 ~ 18:00
Dec. 21 #5 09:00 ~ 09:50 Prof. Masahiro Yamaguchi Plenary Full-parallax light-field and holographic displays
09:50 ~ 10:15 Dr. Minsik Park Table-top Holographic Display with Full Parallax
10:15 ~ 10:40 Prof. Yusuke Sando Enlargement of viewing zone of holographic 3D display using a parabolic mirror
#6 11:00 ~ 11:25 Dr. Sung-Kyu Kim Formation of dynamic viewing zone in autostereoscopic 3D display
11:25 ~ 11:50 Prof. Hirotsugu Yamamoto Aerial Multi-Modal Information Display
11:50 ~ 12:15 Prof. Byoungho Lee Metasurfaces for holograms
#7 13:30 ~ 13:55 Prof. Osamu Matoba Common-path incoherent digital holography
13:55 ~ 14:20 Prof. Muhan Choi Photonic meta-devices based on optical path control
14:20 ~ 14:45 Prof. Tatsuki Tahara Multidimensional imaging with phase-shifting interferometry
#8 15:05 ~ 15:30 Dr. Kwang-Hoon Lee Quantitative verification for whether LF display system can serve accommodative function to the observer
15:30 ~ 15:55 Prof. Kenji Harada How to control polarization color
15:55 ~ 16:20 Prof. Hee-jin Choi Researches on effects of physiological depth cues on visual discomfort of augmented reality displays
Lab tour 17:00 ~ 17:40
Banquet 18:00 ~ 21:00
Dec. 22 #9 09:00 ~ 09:25 Prof. Yoshio Hayasaki Volumetric Bubble Display
09:25 ~ 09:50 Prof. Jae Hyeung Park Accommodative optical-see-through near-to-eye displays using waveguide and holographic optical elements
09:50 ~ 10:15 Prof. Takanori Nomura Incoherent holography without depth of field
10:15 ~ 10:40 Sung-Wook Min Recent researches for two type 3D screens: Reflection-type and Transmission-type
Gyeongju Tour 11:00 ~




Name Affiliation
General Chair Hoonjong Kang Wonkwang University, Korea
General Co-chair Yoshio Hayasaki Utsunomiya Unviersity, Japan
Advisory Committee Nam Kim Chungbuk National University, Korea
Eun-Soo Kim Kwangwoon University, Korea
Jinwoong Kim Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
Jung-Young Son Konyang University, Korea
Byoungho Lee Seoul National University, Korea
Jin-Tae Kim Chosun University, Korea
Jun Tanida Osaka University, Japan
Takanori Nomura Wakayama University, Japan
Osamu Matoba Kobe University, Japan
Program Chair Hee-Jin Choi Sejong University, Korea
Program Co-chair Yusuke Ogura Osaka University, Japan
Program Committee Members Sung-Wook Min Kyung Hee University, Korea
Taegeun Kim Sejong University, Korea
Joonku Hahn Kyungpook National University, Korea
Keehoon Hong Eletronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
Seung-Yeol Lee Kyungpook National University, Korea
Youngmin Kim Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea
Naoya Tate Kyushu University, Japan
Kenji Harada Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan
Hirotsugu Yamamoto Utsunomiya University, Japan
Local Committee Chair Kwang-Hoon Lee Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Korea
Local Committee Members Seon Kyu Yoon Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Korea
Min Kyung Im Hologram Convergence Industry Forum, Korea

Adderess and Telephone Number

Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI)
9 Cheomdan venture-ro 108beon-gil Buk-gu Gwangju, 61007 Republic of Korea

Telephone: +82-62-605-9114 Fax: +82-62-605-9200

Address in Korean: (우: 61007) 광주광역시 북구 첨단벤처로 108번길 9


Transportation to KOPTI from Incheon Internationial Airport (The Map of Airport Terminal)

Please refer to the Incheon International Airport Website :

for more information and updates. All fares and timetables are subject to change.

Please do not confuse the title of train stations between 광주역 and 광주송정역 when you got a way of KTX train.
Its right title is ‘광주송정역(Gwangju-songjeong train station)’

By Airport BUS

Option 1) Airport Bus (Gwangju direction) from Incheon International Airport

- Terminal 1: 1floor platform 12 (Please refer the yellow bus icon at Fig. #1 & #2

- Terminal 2: Transportation center Basement 1 No. 05 ~ 10 of ‘Regional Bus’

- Operation Hour: Terminal 1 : 06:15 ~ 23:55, Terminal 2 : 05:50 ~ 23:30

- Direction to KOPTI

Take the airport limousine to  ‘Gwangju’and get off  ‘U-square Bus terminal   [Fig #4]’  to transfer to Taxi. Way out the U-square bus
terminal to GATE 3 and take a Taxi.  Please tell him  ‘Go to Hanguk gwang gisoolwon Jung moon’ or ‘Emko hoo moon majunpeon’,
or show this words as ‘한국광기술원 정문’ or ‘엠코 후문 맞은편’.

Option 2) Airport Bus (Gwangju direction) from Gimpo International Airport

-International Lines: 2floor platform 22 (Please refer the red circle at Fig. #3)

- Operation Hour: 11:30/15:30/18:00/21:00 (Fourth time only)

- Direction to KOPTI

Take the airport limousine to  ‘Gwangju’ and get off  ‘U-square Bus terminal   [Fig. #4]’  to transfer to Taxi.  Way out the U-square bus
terminal to GATE 3 and take a Taxi.  Please tell him ‘Go to ‘Hanguk gwang gisoolwon Jung moon’ or ‘Emko hoo moon majunpeon’, or
show this words as ‘한국광기술원 정문’ or ‘엠코 후문 맞은편’.

Option 3) Express Train (KTX) from Seoul or Yongsan station

- Platform : Tentative, please find the exact platform referred by daily information(Display or Announcement)

- Operation Hour: 05:10 ~ 22:25 (about 1 hour intervals)

- Direction to KOPTI

Take the KTX of Honam lines to Gwangju’  and get off  ‘Gwangju Songjung Station [Fig #5] ’ to transfer to Taxi. Way out the station to
GATE 2 and take a Taxi.  Please tell him Go to  ‘Hanguk gwang gisoolwon Jung moon’  or  ‘Emko hoo moon majunpeon’ , or show this
words as  ‘한국광기술원 정문’ or ‘엠코 후문 맞은편’.  

How to get KOPTI(Korea Photonics Technology Institute)

When you just arrived at ‘Gwangju-songjeong station’ or ‘U-square highway bus terminal, then you should better get a taxi to go KOPTI
than by other public transportations for your saving time with convenience.

1) Please show this card to the driver when he can’t understand what you say

  • ->“진곡산단도로를 이용해 한국광기술원 정문으로 가주세요”
  • ->“엠코 후문 맞은 편, 한국광기술원 정문으로 가주세요”

2) If he want to see the address of KOPTI, please show this card again

  • -> “북구 첨단벤처로 108번길 9, 한국광기술원 정문”

3) If you can’t anymore do something,please give a call to the local committee.We will give the information
to the driver how to get here.

  • ->"Dr. Kwang-Hoon Lee, +82-10-3738-2110"
  • ->"Dr. Seon-Kyu Yoon, +82-10-7204-2984"

  • Accommodation


    For your convenience accommodation,DHIP 2019 committee recommends several regular hotels over three stars grade. However the location of recommendations are far from the auditorium,   it takes about 40 min
    by taxi only. If else we recommend other accommodations under two stars grade which are located in near the auditorium within 10 min by taxi (within 30 min by walk ), and their room conditions are also good.
    Selection is up to your mind.

    Firstly recommended accommodations : Faraway but very convenient

    *Please find and select ‘Language’ at each hotel’s homepage to help your reservation

    1. Holiday Inn Gwangju hotel

    • Located in ‘Sangmu region’ (40 min by taxi) .
    • Homepage :
    • Tel : +82-062-610-7000

    2. Ramada Plaza Gwangju

    3. A.C.C Design hotel

    • Located in ‘Gumnam-ro region’ (40 min by taxi)
    • Homepage :
    • Tel : +82-062-234-8000


    • Located in ‘Cheomdan venture-ro region’ (5 min by walk)
    • (Korean language service only, please contact to DHIP2019 committees first)
    • Homepage :
    • Tel : +82-062-609-0333

    Secondly recommended accommodations : Nearby but lower grade

    Unfortunately, they do not serve Language service for you in their on-line site. So please your understanding
    that we presented only the simple map to find them. If you want to book the room (low cost but good room
    conditions), please contact to them directly by telephone or common booking App(,
    The information of contact points is presented below.

    1. Midas tourist hotel (Korean word : 마이다스 관광호텔)

    2. Empire tourist hotel (Korean word : 엠파이어 관광호텔)

    3.) The spot Motel (Korean word : 호텔 더스팟)

    • Tel : +82-062-971-1362
    Lab Tour

    ‘KOPTI has a high class of 'Clean room system' for R&D services (LED, optical communication device,
    semiconductor, ultra-precision optics, etc., and optical industrial services) ’

    주소03924 서울시 마포구 월드컵북로 54길 11(상암동)전자회관 8층  전화번호02-6388-6720 팩스번호02-6388-6707